Let’s Make a Podcast

Podcasts have made my life better. I binged S-Town and was brought to a complete standstill when I heard the final five minutes of the second episode. I listen to Tony Kornheiser’s podcast daily. He is even more entertaining on the podcast than he is on PTI.  I listen to Bill Simmons, Conan O’Brien, and Oprah. When Diane Rehm left radio, I missed her. Now she’s back in my life with her podcast.

If you are not familiar with podcasts, let me explain to you the way I explained the concept to my mother. Imagine if talk radio had a DVR and you had access to a million shows. Yep! There is an entire world of audio content waiting for you at your convenience.

I listen to podcasts while I drive, sleep, exercise, mow. I listen while I cook, clean, fold clothes. I enjoy doing things that once bored me to tears, because now I can listen to a podcast while I sit on a hard, wooden chair in a drab waiting room, drinking stale coffee as my car gets a new set of tires. Even that sentence is boring. But my wait time is not – because I am listening to a podcast.

Which brings me to this ultra-cool announcement. I am producing a podcast with best-selling author Penny Reid!

Here is the announcement Penny posted on Facebook:

“Green Valley Views and News Podcast! IT’S COMING! 
The Green Valley Views and News Podcast is coming in August and will feature Chris Brinkley reprising his role as Cletus Winston. Cletus will be talking about all the news fit to be spoken and will have many, many, many special guests from around Green Valley. Joy Nash will be reprising her role as Jennifer and will be sharing 1-recipe per episode, including her infamous banana cake. 
Chris Brinkley (as himself) will also be using the second part of the podcast to interview local Nashville musicians, authors writing for 
Smartypants Romance (i.e. in the “Pennyverse”) and reading excerpts of their upcoming books.”

I get to host, interview, act, produce, and be a part of something that is going to be great. Thank you Penny!

My ultimate goal is to give back to the podcast universe what the podcast universe has given to me. We’re in the audio lab now cooking up the magic recipe. Stay tuned…….

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